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“ I Have always found it difficult to find good quality shoes for my size UK 12. A friend recommended Whitemuds to order a custom-made shoe true to my size. Came here for my size but was more impressed by the designs. I loved the overall experience of my first Goodyear Welted Shoe. ”

Himanshu Tuteja

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“ I was having a difficult time shopping for the perfect shoe for my wedding. Finally, I found a product that met my expectations perfectly. The owner took great care of my needs, and the shoe is everything I wanted and more.”

Raunaq Singh

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“ Having custom made shoes from white muds is not only about comfort, but also knowing that they are unique. Being a businessman and travelling worldwide for exhibitions and conferences, I have always opted for comfortable yet well designed shoes. When you wear shoes that are well designed and looked after well it gives you a major drive and determination to excel equally in your business. You get a push to shine your personality - to be a true gentleman. ”

Neeraj Khandelwal

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“ I bought a pair of White Muds few months ago and I wear them only for best and special occasions , dont want them to get scuffed . I think they use some kind of alchemy in crafting their shoes, there are reasons to support this , Firstly - they dont age at all , I got my first pair 2 years ago and it still looks the same , the kind of leather they use is truly amazing , craftsmanship is most important and I safely say that they master it completely . So two thumbs up and high praise for White Muds ! ”

Salil Wadhera

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“ Whitemuds shoes speak of elegance, fine craftsmanship and comfort. This peculiar making style truly helps you put your best foot forward! ”

Anubhav Saxena

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